Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Oct 29

Man, this was a loong day ..... how loong? a two "oo" day. Man.

I didn't get a workout in, which is my fault. I should have planned ahead, but life gets in the way sometimes. I will make up for it. I'll explain as I go:

Breakfast: roast beef wrap, on the go to get my kids to school. Portable deliciousness.

snack: coffee

Lunch: the usual: salad, tuna with hummus, carrots, green pepper, almonds and water.

Snack: water to drink

Dinner: sirloin burger from Swiss Chalet. Lower fat than the usual burger (still not awesome, but better than other choices) Next time, I get the oven roasted chicken. Looked better anyway. I had the side salad, but I was horribly tempted by french fries and onion rings. Didn't eat any, but man... they smelled friggin' awesome. Hard to resist when they are in your own friggin' house. Can you get fat from smelling fatty foods?

I didn't get a workout this morning as I was needed by my wife to get stuff moved around the house for her. I got the bed set up for Saturday, moved boxes and drove stuff to the Salvation Army drop off box. I know it was a pain to do - but it needed done. I was off to work, with more stuff out of my home office and left at my work office. I needed it out of my home office.

Later, after dinner, read with my kids, got them and my wife to bed (she's so beautiful as pregnant as she is) ... then went to a pub called Filty McNasty's to help a buddy with putting together his applications to various Faculties of Education. Sat for about 90 minutes with his applications, watching him scarf down more french fries and huge calories. Ugh. That was hard; but I knew better than to eat them. I broke down and drank two pints of beer, but that was it.

I did plan tomorrow for myself: I'm waking up, getting my ladies their Tim Hortons and then doing my full body workout in the garage/gym. I have the rest of the day planned for me already. Funny how the baby, although not even born yet, has taken over my life.

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