Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tues Oct 19

Today went much better than yesterday even if my alarm was set for 4am.

I got up on time, ate well, worked out and did a good stretch, played with my kids, renewed my wife's plates ... all in all, was generally a good citizen and all around good guy.

Breakfast was a double egg wrap. With coffee on the way in.

Lunch was the usual; carrots and hummus, salad with tuna, almonds and water.

Dinner was chicken and rice, also with a salad. OJ to drink.

Water throughout the day. Forgot the multivitamin.

I did this workout, as I was feeling a little underwhelmed. I woke up with a sore throat, which is never a good sign. Felt achey all day - just wanted something simple:

Warm up - skipping, stretching

did four rounds of the following:

double KB clean and presses x10
TRX pull ups
TRX Glute Ham raises (also tried them on the tire, except my knee didn't like that)
(at least I think I did them properly ... I'll check for a youtube video...

nope, I did "Hip Presses" ... starts at 2:44 of this video:

what else did I do?
10 TRX push ups
10 TRX prone knee tucks

then ... i rested for a minute, then I tried doing "Long Cycle Clean and Jerk" for two minutes, twice.

The thrid round, I set myself up for three minutes and ...shut it down after three or four reps. I was friggin wiped. If I'm going to do the Toronto KB club event at the end of November, I'd better get my act together, man.

But, for the two, two minute attempts, I got 13 and 12 on each attempt. Do the math - that's not bad for a bench mark. We'll give it a go again on Sunday, after rugby.

As far as researching, got a pretty cool website from the dude in Hamilton for DIY Indian Clubs, and I'm thinking that they're cheap enough to try to make. Meh, why not? I'm also going to look into a big army bag for GR restarts. And... I got a roast beef in for breakfast and lunch in the slow cooker right now. Should be unreal tomorrow.

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