Monday, June 11, 2012

Saturday and Sunday June 10

Saturday was a Rugby day. Against a local rival. Which made it even sweeter, man. Hard not to get up for this game. We won, I think it was 38-29 ... I think the defense needs a bit of work. Humph, at least we learned how to move the ball against them. I helped win the ball against the head twice, stole ball in a few rucks, too.

As an example of how these people play rugby, in the middle of a ruck, I made a choice. I chose not to "ruck" a guy out of the way with my cleats. Instead I yelled at the guy just lying on the ground. As he got up, he punched me in the face. Typical for this club.

I made the entire game, outlasting three props in front of me. I was pretty sore at the end of the game, and took about 15 minutes to just stretch after the game. I hate that club so much, I left without going up to the bar for a beer.

Saturday night, I helped out my club, working the door at a pub downtown. One of the club sponsors is a security company, and they needed a few bodies. I was one of the bodies. I was really not interested in doing this, but I manned up and was shocked with the behavior of people who looked over 35. What a bunch of dorks.

In any case, I got to bed stupid late, and my family let me sleep in. They're awesome. I did some stretching with my children in the morning and went for a nice long walk with them in the afternoon.

They are awesome.

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