Monday, June 4, 2012

Friday Saturday and Sunday June 3

I guess this is becoming somewhat of a bad habit for me. Hmmm ... I need to start to make time for my blogging on the the weekend. It's just not cool to not keep this space going the way it should.

Friday was a light day - I had to finish off a few silly projects in my gym. I did three rounds of:

20 BW squats
20 Two handed swings
20 feet up push ups
20 Hanging knee tucks

Nothing severe, just enough to finish off a morning.

Saturday was a late rugby day - my kick off was at 4:30pm. The club we played against brought three men's teams and a women's team that day. Thirds kicked off at noon, the women' kicked off at 1:30, the seconds started at 3pm and then ... my game started at 4:30. I was pretty stoked to be selected for the first xv the second weekend in a row. I did fairly well, I guess. When I got replaced at about minute 65, I wasn't tired ... I mean I was tired, but I'm pretty sure I could have  kept going at a fairly high level of intensity. I wasn't exhausted from the effort- although that got me to thinking that I hadn't played well. The coach said I was "awesome" att he end of the game, but I'm not feeling it. As long as he's happy, though, I'm happy. Finally, I think I only got one penalty. At least I think it was only one. I could be wrong about that.

I do need to eat better than I did before this game. I had pizza and fruit. And the pizza had spicy meat on it, so I was tasting it during the game. I hate that. Next time, lots of fruit and more water. This game was cool, even rainy. If it had been hotter, I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much.

After I was replaced and after the game, I took some time to stretch and get myself ready to go home. I had the club idiot some and grab/massage roughly my right shoulder as I was listening to the speeches in the clubhouse. Rather than doing something I'd regret, I asked him to stop in a loud firm voice, then walked away. What kind of a rugby club member does that?

Sunday I got up stupid early - like 5:30am early. I was rather sore, so I got my stretching done. Ankles, legs, hips, quads, shoulders ... neck. Oh, neck. 42 year old necks need a lots of stretching after a rugby game. No, I did not go out - one of my teammates is going to Australia with a wife to be, and I missed the party. Meh, I got three kids that need their dad.  It would have been nice to go out and be stupid, but I just can't afford the time, the calories or the money.

I took a day off the diet ... well, another day off of the diet and just ate whatever. It ended up being an ok day as far as a diet went, with chicken with a salad for dinner. Lots of coffee though. It was chilly after my morning stretch. Monday awaits...

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