Friday, June 22, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday June 21

Well, I got a 4.5 k run in on Wednesday ... and since then my life hasn't been very much fun. For the most part, this time of the year usually rocks, but not this year. I've got something ... I just don't know how to express it ... just wrong.

My professional and personal life are rocking out. I'm playing rugby really well. I like the way my body is heading - stronger and fitter each day. But I feel as though there is just something ... missing.

It was a hot one Wednesday. I usually put my headphones on and just glide through, but it was so hot, I fely every step, and it seemed to take longer. My thoughts are not my own while running in this heat,

Thursday was a nightmare. My smallest daughter in the hospital and me with her for the entire day. Well air conditioned and safe, just more than a little boring. Meh, I needed the rest, as my legs were really hurting.

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