Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday June 17

Friday was interesting in that I ate like a ginormus pig. Samosa, Timbits, salty and sugary stuff all around. And coffee. And pizza for dinner.

I did get a run and a rolling workout in, though. Felt a lot better after.

Saturday was a rugby day, and it was a four hour bus trip to, and a four hour trip back. The game was played well, though. I went through three of theor props and we had to go to depowered scrums for the last twenty or so minutes of the game. Shocking, really. I did get some feed back from my coach about how to keep moving forward: keep up the fitness and work on my hands. What that means is the ball handling/ passing. And the sprinting and other workouts, too.

Sunday I got up stupid early, so I did a sunrise stretching/recovery session in the park across the street. Oh, man is my butt sore. After that, I took a few Advil, with a hot bath, more stretching, too. When I went to my parents place for dinner, I borrowed a golf ball and did some rolling on my legs and feet. Ate like an idiot, though. Meh, back at it Monday. Need to get a pro to work on my legs this week, man.

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