Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tuesday June 19

Holy snap it is hard to train when it's this hot out. Got to the beach today and got this done four rounds:

20 two handed swings
20 KB cleans
10 snatches
20 push ups
20 seated knee tucks

Rugby training was hot, too. I was sweating as the balls kept falling and the coach got pissed and had us do the sprints. That was needed, but not really.

I did more sprints at the end of training, my usual of three rounds of this:

7 x 50m sprints
20 seated knee tucks
20 push ups
20 m bear crawl.

I was rather sweaty at the end of that, I'll admit. Lots of water running off of me. But, I will be keeping my spot on the team until I've done something stupid, then they'll take it away.

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