Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Nov 26

Got up this morning early - like 6am. I had eight hours of sleep - eight. Awesome. I woke up to find out that Mac won the Vanier Cup... and I couldn't care less. Actually I thought about how much less money the Wrestling team is going to get as a direct result of the victory. Goodness knows that when the Wrestling team won the CIAU Championships back in 1994, Wrestling got nothing more than a pat on the back...

Oh, and the President of the University's husband poking fun at us.

The funny thing is that when the UNB hockey team won the CIAU championships a few years ago, the Wrestling team was already demoted to a club, not a team. Friggin' awesome. Meh, whatever. I'm so used to being ignored as an athlete, I've almost taken it as usual.

What will happen to those young men when they get too old to play football anymore? They'll live on today - the wonderful cheers they got last night and today - for the rest of their lives. And they'll get fat and never do a thing about it, as they lack the tools.

I've got the tools and I'm working on it - I'm getting stronger and leaner as we speak.

This morning's workout was a short run - all three kids were awake when I left and we're kind of having a hanging out day today. Later, we did a gymnastics/MovNat workout in my garage gym. Sorry no pics, the iPhone was busy rocking out. I also did some rolling on my legs. They're sore.

Breakfast : left over pizza

Snack coffee

Lunch grilled cheese sandwich, water to drink.

Dinner small bowl of pasta, water to drink.

As I look back at what I ate today ... not so good, not so good. I will have to do better. After my run I was 236.

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