Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday and sunday

So, I went for a run early Saturday morning. I have a few activities coming up that revolve around running and so, I was thinking I needed to run.

I checked my Nike+ account Sunday night after a second run ... and I was right disappointed with myself. less than 200kms run this year. At least with my iPhone. My account usually goes dormant during the rugby season; but it was dormant for almost the entire year. One of those resolution thingys, to be sure for 2012.

I mean, I worked out - a lot more this year than in other years - I just didn't run. I'm thinking that isn't a good thing.

In any case, I ran early Saturday morning, ate well until the annual Centaur's banquet. Then I ate awesome. Roast beef almost an inch thick. Roast pig with veggies... oh, it was awesome food.

Sunday I was not feeling well, surprise, surprise. I had coffee and water to try and get myself moving, but it wasn't until after church and a nap that I felt even decently able to move. I stretched a little, but mostly waited. Finally at about 9:30pm, got my run in for the day.

On with Monday.

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