Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday Nov 25

I was feeling pretty sluggish today - I have a long week set up for myself and it's looking like it's going to jsut get longer and longer. Which is ok; I am blessed with enough strength to make it through it in any event.

I got my kids delivered to school and got into my gym to get this done five rounds:

20 step ups with 10 lb dbs in each hand - height was at my knees.
10 hanging bent leg raises
20 feet up push ups
20 BW squats

My butt is going ot be pretty sore tomorrow. I did look at an econo prowler, they are about 160 bucks; I feel as though I wasted the money I invested int he one I built and never repaired. Ah well, lesson learned.

I ate this today;

Breakfast: ham and poached eggs, water to drink.

snack; coffee on the way in

lunch: was pot luck at my work today. Meat balls, pizza ... heck I got a chance to try things I never normally do. Awesome

Dinner: small slice of left over pizza.

I went to bed early - about 10pm. I'm feeling this week.

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