Friday, November 11, 2011

Wed Nov 9

OK, I am still pretty sore - not sure from what ... might be a long rugby season, might be from the KB lifting yesterday or over the weekend ... might be the wear from doing extra work.... might be a piss poor diet.... I dunno. Just feeling sore.

Did get a workout in, though. Had to.

Did this for four rounds:

Indian club work - castings, rotations, "Other" ... both single and double handed exercises. Pretty cool.
20 BW Squats
20 seated knee tucks

lots of stretching before and after this workout. Like I say, not sure what is going on.

Ate this:

Breakfast: steak wraps with veggies. Not just for lunch or dinner anymore... water to drink.

Snack: coffee on the way in.

Lunch I skipped this mean

Dinner: roast beef wraps. Water to drink.

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