Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday Nov 4

I didn't get a morning workout in, as I had to get to work early. I got to work, said hello to the boss and retreated t my workspace.

I need to work on getting batter at technology, and I noticed a buddy currently in China was online, so I called him on Skype. ...and it worked! I can now say that I Skype with people (ok person) in another country.

I'm cool, my mom says so.

Anyway, I had to get to work so I stopped at a Tim Hortons for breakfast.

Breakfast: Egg and tomato on a bagel. Coffee to drink

Lunch Tim Horton's bowl of chilli, coffee to drink. Water after

Dinner Pizza. Meh, I know I this is not a great diet. I know that I am failing myself when I eat this crap.

After dinner walk to a bar and meet up with a work/rugby buddy for a pint. I did.

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