Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sat 5th november

Yeah, it's the day. Imma watch Natalie Portman help blow crap up tonight and set up a meeting to move my money out of a regular bank. Perhaps set up an investment portfolio or something like that.

I did a pretty long stretching workout today with all three of my children in the gym today. Lots of back and legs stretching, planks and ab work. My kids were busy putting stuff on the mats and just playing in general space with things. It was cool to have the little one do a few somersaults and laugh when he finished them. This was for about an hour, although the little guy lasted about half that before he got hungry.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: roast beef and veggies. Oh, this was good. Coffee and water to drink.

Lunch: tuna and salad wraps. Water and milk to drink.

Dinner: roast beef wrap with salad and veggies. Water to drink. Was aiight day for a diet, man. Tomorrow is the Kettlebell competition, so I need to keep clear of bad things. Watching some informational and inspirational videos online at the moment, trying hard not to think about the Cogeco bill I am going to get this month...

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