Sunday, May 15, 2011

That wasn't my fault

There has been some sort of huge to do at Blogger ... I kept trying to get the posts done, finally it is working.

So Thursday the 12th:

Breakfast was a timmy ho's belt with coffee on the way in

Lunch was tuna sandwick with veggies, water to drink.

Snack was more veggies and hummus, water to drink

Dinner was a little pasta before rugby. Water to drink

After rugby was a large salad with tuna on it, some more salad with a glass of wine to drink.

I did an eighty minute training session for rugby; lots of running and general prep work for Saturday. After that session, I did this routine four rounds:

40 m sprints x 2
30 BW squats
30 feet up push ups
After these sessions, did some foam rolling. Felt better after, but not much.

Nice and simple, that is all

Friday the 13th was really sore and felt like awfulsauce. Just awful. I got work done at work, limping to the end of my stressful time of the year. I just wanted it over, and so I pushed until I was done. I celebrated by barbequing in the backyard and doing some much needed gardening.

Ate this:

breakfast: timmy ho's belt with coffee on the way in.

Lunch was grilled pork loin with a side salad. Yeah, I went home for lunch.

Dinner was grilled flank steak on a a salad with extra veggies. Simply delish. Fruit for dessert, red wine to drink.

I mentioned I did some gardening ... I'm trying to get the weeds out before all the rain comes this week. More than likely, I'll be doing them Sunday when it is raining. But I was out in the sunshine for about an hour, picking weeds.

Saturday the 14th, of course, is a rugby day. I was up early, got some laundry done. Right after the games, I went home, then to church. Not very much time for me or my family. I fell asleep early, then after the boy woke up about 4am, just hung out with my wife.

Ate this:

Breakfast 3 packages of apple instant Oatmeal

Snack 2 apples - one before one after the game

Dinner: pizza and veggies with my family. Red wine to drink. Lots of laughter, man.

Workout for the day was the rugby game. I played tight head prop, which was made a heck of a lot easier by playing against a not very good side. I was getting around the pitch for most of the game, getting more than a few touches on the ball. I was running in support of the scrum half with three to beat and he kicked it away from me. I also got within six inches of the try zone ... but it was not to be. I think we won 20 (or so) to nothing. I like playing in those games when you are winning .... ;)

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