Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday may 30

...and Monday is here. Friggin awesome. Managed to see some of Hangover2 today while at work... Which was just weird for me. I also got home for lunch and my kids came to see me right at the end of work; they were all frazzled. Mondays are not fun days these days.

I ate this:

Breakfast oatmeal, banana, handful of almonds and coffee on the way in

Snack was a small coffee

Lunch was a little piece of lasagna, a banana and water to drink

Dinner was almonds, lasagna and a salad. Water to drink.

Got the children to bed, then went and did this for five rounds:

10 tire flips (oh, how i missed doing them)
25yard farmers walks, 50lbs in each hand
20 feet up push ups, one leg in mid air
20 50lb one arm rows
20 one arm kb presses

That felt pretty good at the end ... I'll get pics up later. I did have the sledgehammer with me for the tire, but was a paxked public park, so i left in the van. I also spray painted the prowler a cool shade of black. Right after i finished the paint job, i think i broke it.

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