Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday May 29

I think I let May slip by me; at least it is getting more snow. Lots of rain, though. I did get a workout in before the rains came. I did get up awful early. I was getting ready to get my workout in, but it was called off on account of baby. 6am feed, then 6:30 barfing... then the rest of them were awake and I couldn't get the kid off of me. Literally.

You will never see me with it on, but I had it on for most of the day. When I did get it off of me, I built my own prowler today...

I ate this:

Breakfast: oatmeal, banana, coffee to drink as I read the paper.

Snack: banana with water

Lunch: roast beef and hot goo sandwich

Dinner: small piece of lasagna, salad, water to drink.

Did this for four rounds as a workout:

20 feet up push ups
20 kb one handed swings
10 KB rows
10 KB snatches each side
2 x 25 m prowler runs (various weights ... there was a few heavily weighted runs, others, not so much)

then I did six rounds of this:

prowler sprint 25 feet (90 lb weights on)
prowler hand over hand rope pull back 25 feet

I do have a cleat for rope on the prowler, but it's pretty small. I'm thinking I need one from the local Marine shop. Luckily, there's one near my work; Imma thinking on the way home tomorrow. Or on lunch. In any case, I now have a prowler.

Friggin' awesome.

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