Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday May 17

Oh, my ... it's like a stress hangover or something ... you're stressed for a time ... and then the stress is removed or finished... and then it's like .. "whoa" ..I have so much more free time ... but I'm busy, ... oh wait, I'm not ....

that's the discussion I was having in my head this day. I did manage to find Gnomeo and Juliet online and email the link to my wife (and children at home) for them to watch. I also played with the SmartBoard and the serious set up of the room over which I took control today. Sweet. It's amazing the resources more senior people can pull in my job that I have yet to be able to touch..

it's still raining outside .. the City closed the rugby pitch until at least Thursday ..seriously, it's just coming down in buckets outside. I left my house with the ful intention of training, and I got some done tonight. After I finished my workout, I went upstairs to the bar part of my club ... and there were ten guys, just "meeting" about, well, stuff. I think I was the only one of them that workout that day. Well, ok, there were a few cops in the crowd..but I'm pretty sure that I was the only one that worked out in the last few hours.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: oatmeal and fresh fruit. Coffee to drink

snack: water

Lunch: tuna sandwich and water to drink

Dinner: chili on a bun, spicy goo. water to drink

After training: two pints of beer.

Started with three rounds of:
30 th KB swings (20 kilo bell used throughout)
30 BW squats
30 feet inclined push ups

then got into the more hectic stuff with three rounds of this:

30 kb cleans each side
20 kb snatches each side

30 feet up push ups
2 rounds of stairs feet only then tiger crawls up the same stairs

that was pretty fun: at least it was a different workout than in my garage.

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  1. I guess Toronto doesn't have the same rules. I had football practice yesterday and we pretty much plowed that field bare of grass.