Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday May 2

It was a long day today, man.

I'm just counting hte days down to the end of the stressful time at work. It seems so artifical in nature ... it makes sense somewhere, way above my pay grade. I'm just a small wheel in a big machine, man. It just hurts, man.

Anyway, it was a decent day for my health.

Ate this:

Breakfast: sliced cantalope. (one buddy of mine was speaking to me on Saturday night about too much meat in my diet. I took his advice and altered my diet today.) Coffee to drink.

Snack: I was hungry at break, so I ate some walnuts, had an apple and some water to drink.

Lunch was the usual; tuna on salad. Carrots with hummus with some prunes.

Dinner was chicken cassarole. I made the chicken in the slow cooker, my wife put in some veggies. I added some hot sauce before eating it. Veggies on the side, too.

Snack after my workout was veggies, dip and a can of tuna. Red wine to drink... should have had some Green tea. Meh, whatever.

I did this for five rounds before I got the election results:

30 two handed swings, 20 kg KB used
10 KB snatches each side
30 push ups
10 TRX rows
10 bicep curls, 50 lb used
10 triceps extensions, same barbel used
30 BW squats
10 ab roll outs

I had a some difficulty getting my butt off of the couch and get it into the garage to get this workout in. Dammit, I did it, though.

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