Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday May 21

OK, today was all about MovNat.

I got up at dawn and had to change a diaper, lift children in and around the house, run for a while, and drive a Wave Runner, take pictures, paddle, lift trees up hill, swim, jog, crawl ... eventually, my mother asked me to stop going up and down the steep hill. I did .. but I lifted rather heavy logs out of the lake, out of her sight then went for a swim. Then I went back for a few more MovNat circuits. I'm pretty sure even my mother was impressed with the fitness level I demonstrated that day. She was, however, still concerned.

I felt awesome. I felt sore the next day, but when I was going up the hill for the last time to start cooking, I felt friggin' awesome.

I ate this:

Breakfast: eggs and berries. No, seriously.

Lunch: tomato soup with a tomato and chimichirri sandwich. Water to drink.

Dinner: steak and corn. Caesar salad. Red wine to drink.

Snack: my body was craving empty calories, so I ate doritos. With red wine. Friggin great.

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