Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wed May 25

Wednesdays are always a difficult day to get a workout in these days. I did get some stretching in while watching the Lighting game tonight; it was what my body needed today. Just plain sore.

In any case, ate this today, with a nod to my teammate reader who wants me to cut down on eating meat three meals a day:

Breakfast: fresh strawberries and a handful of almonds, water and coffee to drink.

Snack half a litre of water

Lunch: salad with carrots and hummus. Prunes and water.

Snack got home, more veggies and hummus.

Dinner: followed the snack fairly quickly. Slices of roast beef with a side salad. Water to drink.

Not really missing the cable these days - the playoff hockey and basketball are being streamed online for free, the television shows are all on Youtube... and the Toronto Star has a free app, too. It's all good, man. All good.

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