Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tues May 3

I can barely recall what day it is by now. I keep having to check on the top right hand of the Macbooks' screen to make sure.

This terrible time is almost over. I'm working towards insomnia, and the Board doesn't care. Or know.

I ate this today:

Breakfast: canatlope with coffee on the way in.

Snack: walnuts, hummus and carrots. Water to drink.

Lunch; the usual, tuna, salad, carrots, hummus... prunes. Water.

after work snack: bread and chimichurri sauce

Dinner: chicken breast, rice and a huge salad. white wine to drink.

I feel so sore and I am not sleeping well. I did not workout today, and I've been cranky all day, angry and just brainless. How brainless? I made this at work and thought it was the funniest freaking thing:

I'm getting pretty freaking punchy. I need this weekend away, I needed the night off.

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