Monday, April 24, 2017

April 17 to April 23

The drought continues.

No blogging, but some training. Walking both in and out of the pool as recovery from surgery.

I did watch a bit of my club play another local club this Saturday, too. I was responsible for my son
so I could not play, but of what I saw of the game, I was impressed. 2017 will be a good season, as most are when you are on the proper side of the grass.

I'm doing some skills work with a high school team I'm working with at the moment, but since I'm mainly coaching and working on my technical skills as a referee, I can't really blog too much about them as fitness sessions.

Meh, I'm guessing that's the point. I'm moving around, getting healthier by the minute.

Picture of me in the pool on Wed April 19th

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