Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept 1 to 11

I remember exactly where I was 16 years ago. It affected my life to a great degree. I will not forget.

The last ten days have been a vast improvement, although stressful. It is the start up of school and this one was smooth. Nothing major in terms of set backs. A great deal of stress was averted when we found child care for my youngest, basically almost at the 8th hour. Not quite the 11th hour, but pretty close. She has worked out wonderfully for my family. At least I know he's being taken care of and will get to school without issue.

I too have been getting to school without issue, and getting back on a good routine for nutrition is extremely helpful. I've also been doing daily stretching and rolling in the mornings, which are helpful for the legs. No breakfast runs to Tim Hortons also help.

Saturday saw me play a half of first team rugby, the first time this season. I will admit, I was a lot slower than I should have been - but at least I saw it with my own eyes and I lived it.

Both teams were under strength, but the good guys won.

Breakfasts have been coffee, stretching and a fruit with protein powder smoothie.

Lunches have been carrots, celery, tuna, and almonds. I'm still getting used to how much water I can drink without exploding at work.... ;)

Dinner and training have been my downfall so far. I do have a plan, but I need to keep discipline for myself. Moving forward, I'm going to be planning out the reliance on carb filled food for myself. I'm finally able to do the Sunday night grocery run and have it mean something.

On to better times!

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