Friday, September 29, 2017

Sept 22-29

Yeah, this week was a week of ups and downs.

On the one hand was getting a pic with my favourite trophy that I helped to win, the NRU Cup. I was pretty stoked ... but we won on a forfeit, so I didn't get to play. A real up.

I did get to training on Tuesday and Thursday. I found my old Wrestling knee pad and had that on both nights at training. Worked like a charm, keeping myself pain-free for the most part. Thursday the selection for the first promotion game went out and I wasn't on it.

I wasn't selected.

I'm injured at the moment - my knee just won't heal. I also am twice the age of most of the players on the pitch. I'm not doing the extras that kept me on the selection list in previous years. Frankly, I'm not in the best condition, either. I'm still trying to deal with issues in my family life, too.

So, a real down, too.

Honestly, I have to go to the game in Vaughn this weekend and be present while my clubmates pick me up. Not sure exactly what I can do except bear witness and cheer. But I'll do that as that is what the knee and family life have beaten me into at the moment.

At least I'm still getting my morning stretching and rolling routine done. My hips and hamstrings feel pretty good, as does my neck. Each day of the last seven, have hit the usual 15 minutes of stretching and rolling. I'm thinking that in this next week, I'll be resolved to extend that time a little and start getting a morning training session done instead.

Nutrition continues to be ok - breakfast and lunch are really helping. I'm focused during those parts of the day. When I get home my nuturition goes out the window.

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