Thursday, October 26, 2017

Oct 7 to Oct 26

Things are finally calming down.

I can't say that I think everything is perfect at the moment. No, I would be lying if I said that.

But things are pointing in the right direction. Not quite moving on all cylinders in the right direction, but at least one or two cylinders are firing the correct way. At this point, I'll take that as a victory.

I mean at least I have a care provider for my son. I'm getting close to 6 hours of sleep a night with a nap in the afternoon. Work is as smooth as silk. The rest is ... as smooth as burlap sack on gravel.

I've hit a good set of habits, though. Mornings are down to a set pattern. I get up, I put together lunches and stretch and roll before getting kids up and ready for school. I get to work on time, I do my thing and eat a vegetarian lunch.

The rolling and stretching have sometimes be augmented with night time kettlebell training and rugby.

Oh yeah, rugby. I played lots of rugby until the season ended on a high note on Oct 14th.

We are getting promoted to the league above for 2018.

It sounds like I don't care, but with the crappy parts being as crappy as they are, it's hard to realize that a thing like that has been done.

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