Thursday, November 9, 2017

Oct 27 to Nov 9

Still on the level around here. Starting to dip down and then scramble enough to keep heads above water.

At least I started lifting with a few of the rugby team at EPC twice a week. Tonight was the fourth session I've made it to in November. A pretty good session while we listened to the Wu.

Bulgarian split squats, over head plate lunges and the like. A pretty good session all around. The part I like is that I got home and my wife appreciated the fact that it was just over an hour. I was also back in time to help with bath and bedtime for the youngest.

I'll also mention that the morning sessions with coffee, stretching and rolling have been going quite well. I have also added working on flexibility in my shoulders and rolling with lats and rhomboids, too. Lots of adhesions to work on and flexibility to gain.

I also paid for a float and a massage that I just haven't been able to book and show up for  ...

I also picked up an 88 pound (40 kilogram) kettlebell Oct 30th. Ain't no one going to be shoplifting that baby anytime soon.

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