Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tuesday Nov 28 to Sunday Dec 10

I'm hitting every morning session. Every. Morning. Session.

Man, it's ... it's awesome. Like ten to fifteen minutes of nothing but a focus on legs, shoulders, neck and back. Some yoga stuff I recall from three years ago, some "Surf-fit" stuff from like eight years ago and some Wrestling.

Oh, and rugby stretching too.

Yesterday and today went for 2k walks. Saturday was on the beach, tonight was late and around my neighbourhood. Meh, I prefer the beach, to be frank.

The evenings are packed, I can't even make the sessions with my rugby club at the moment. Just me and my garage gym. I did pick up some hilarious flashing speakers to play inside the garage gym. I'll see if I can't film them and put them out tomorrow.

Feeling better - my legs didn't hurt once on the walk I just finished. Didn't do much thinking except what I was listening to and my legs. Felt awesome.

I will stay walking for a week or so, gradually upping my distance and then see if I can start running again.


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