Monday, March 26, 2018

Feb 11 to March 25

Man, this is awful.

I keep updating my list of books read. I keep mentioning that list and this blog in passing to people when talking about training and talking about what books I'm reading these days.

I have been using the Polar Loop quite a bit. I've been thinking about moving the number of steps up a bit, as I'm finding making ten thousand steps a day a fairly regular thing. I've been making it a habit to move around while at work and include a walk or training sessions at night.

But my garage gym is still out of order, covered in dust from the sanding of the dining room table. I've been doing a few online courses and been walking while I listen to the lectures. Stretching in the basement every morning is actually very helpful, too.

But I still miss Wrestling. I still miss swinging a bell for time. I miss running ... walking is a nice compromise for the time being, but I do miss the focus that running brought to my training. But running at 270 pounds is not a good thing. Never a good thing for my knees.

In any case, I've been training, just not blogging here.

I did get a rather nice taste of retirement over the March Break. A little chillier than I'd like to have happen in my older age, but still not a bad taste of it. Work in the morning, a nice walk or training session then back to chat with my family or other responsible people. Rugby. Good food and working towards helping others.

It was like I was Cain from the television show "Kung Fu", walking the earth and helping people.

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