Saturday, February 10, 2018

Feb 4 to Saturday Feb 10

This week flew by. I did keep all morning stretching sessions, although with the table in there, and the dust still in there, some stretching sessions were pretty short.

I'm going to have an awful time cleaning up the garage gym this spring.

Wednesday was a walk in the pool night with my wife, Thursday I was doing this kettlebell set for four rounds:

20 KB swings
20 kb cleans
20 kb clean and press
20 Kb snatches
20 step ups

I also did a 5m farmers walk, too.

I did that four rounds. I felt pretty good, too.

Friday was a date night, so we went to Zee Float, and had a relaxing night.

Saturday was an idiot driving everywhere day, but I got a chance to do a half hour of kettlebells and then about an hour of BJJ.

I was so happy to be back on the mats. I am really out of shape, but I was still pretty happy to be out there rolling.

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