Thursday, February 1, 2018

Jan 25 to Thur Feb 1

An eventful week.

It snowed, so I had a number of informal "training" sessions. I also took a long look at myself and joined a BJJ gym.

I had to, I missed it too much.

Money and time are tight, but stress management is now more of a priority.

I went and did a kettlebell session there on Tuesday ... at least I think it was Tuesday.

My usual session: swings, cleans, cleans and presses. Snatches too. I did the step ups and seated knee tucks, too.

Four rounds.

I also got a Polar Loop. For cheap, cheap.

At least it will help me see who stupid I've been.

Tonight was the check in at the new club. I was shocked at how high the weight was on the screen. Shameful.

I have to do better.

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