Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 9 to 28

I might not be blogging, but I'm working on my fitness ...

The last few weeks have been ... interesting.

I like the new Polar Flow set up I've been using. I'm sad when I get emails from my old set up, telling me that I'm being lazy and useless. I know better, but it still affects me.

I'm not logged in to Grammarly, and even it is saying I should get back to writing everyday.

Which, of course, I'm also doing.

Ah well, whatever.

Last night I was at Cedar Springs and did a cardio workout for about 45 minutes, made up of the following:

2 minutes on the elliptical trainer
2 minutes of kettlebell clean and press

I did that for 30 minutes, then got on the Jacobs Ladder. I could only do 45 seconds on and 60 seconds off. I got four rounds in and then had to just walk it off, man. I'll get better at it, I'll get fitter, too.

It was amazing how quickly my heart rate went up.

I mean, check this out:

In chatting with the opposition from Saturday, there was a funny comment they said. They had to play both the third team game and the second team game ... or at least a part of it. I played third team rugby - I'm still not getting the system, nor am I getting full training sessions in, nor am I the youngest or fittest on the field these days ... in any case, the other front row players mentioned that the third team front row was harder to scrum against than the second team front row.

It made me feel good, but it also pointed out the fact that I need to get my stuff together and get myself on the seconds. My club needs me.

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