Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 29 to June 4

It's been a few days. But a fair amount of work done. Starting to think I see results ... but my hip is still in throbbing agony.

Seriously. I need to take a few Advil in order to sleep properly at this point in time. None of that is what I want, as relying on pills just isn't in my skillset.

Stretching during Jays gam
I stretch, I hit a hot tub / sauna and stretch there too. I'm doing extra rolling and stretching and yoga and stretching after rugby training. I'd stretch during the games if I could.

Jose Baptista time.

In any case, the Polar Loop tracking is working fairly well - I like the integration of the HR with the activity level/step counter wristband and a visual calendar that helps you see everything.

June 2 was a welcome back to one on one intense stretching and fascial release I'll have to make work in my schedule. Man, it was painful, but a good pain.

June 4 was the first of many mobility and flexibility sessions that I have set up for myself. another one on one set of sessions that will take me until the end of August.

Plus rugby, plus daily stretching, plus summer school, plus a lot of things I need to do for my family ... and work ... makes for a very full next few months.

In any case, over the weekend, got to Barrie to be a backup prop for the second XV. Made very good use of my time on the pitch, securing the ball, making the set-piece work and scoring a try.

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