Monday, August 13, 2012

Aug 3 to Aug 13

A lot of icing and therapy for my foot. A few light runs to test the foot and some new equipment ahead of the Tough Mudder Aug 19.

Got a set of Velcro wrist work gloves. If they survive, I'll use them this winter for runs. Got a camel back water jug thing, too. If current plans work out, I'll be using that for training for a marathon in the spring.

Watched a lot of the Greco Roman wrestling at the Olympics, I'm sorry to type. I may have seen enough to drove to Fredericton this March for more Senior Nationals. Ugh.

Played some decent rugby on Aug 11th in Fergus, too. They got walked on by a bagpiper, then we put 45 points on them. Last play of the game I'm taking punches from a guy on the ground, after which I point out that he's not in a good position to defend himself.

He told me to punch him in the face. At this, i drew my right hand back to deliver a frightening hook, but then I did my best Karate Kid nose honk.

Karma, man. Karma.

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