Friday, August 3, 2012

Thursday Aug 2

Today was a cool day. Woke up early, did this workout for three rounds: 20 two handed KB swings random number of kb flips and hand to hand switches 10 kb cleans 15 kb snatches 10 kb overhead presses 20 seated knee tucks 20 feet up push ups I also iced my foot right after this and kept icing it. Sore after yesterday's Physio appointment. Meh, whatever. Got a call back to another audition for the MMA sports drink thing, too. At training, did this with ascending weight of KB, for three rounds: 20 two handed sings random number of flips, switches 10 kb cleans 10 kb snatches 10 ab wheel roll outs 20 feet up push ups after that, tied the KBs to the rope and did some seated kb rope pulls Wanted to finish with some sprints or some explosive kb overhead throws, but my foot was having nothing to do with that.

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