Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saturday and Sunday March 31

Boy meets Bunny

Saturday ... ate this:

Breakfast Eggs and steak wraps, coffee to drink. Water later.

Lunch: ham sandwich (multigrain bread) and water to drink.

Dinner was chicken brest over rice with a salad. Water, water water.

I can honestly say I chased my son around the house and the neighbourhood for most of the day.  Fun, exhausting but not very "cardio". Need to get working on that. We did meet the Easter Bunny at my rugby club's annual Egg Hunt. Lots of time outdoors in the decent weather.

Sunday was a holiday at my parent's place.

Breakfast was chocolate and coffee with some hard boiled egg thrown in too.

Lunch: veggies and ranch dressing with water to drink.

Dinner: more ham and vegetables with more chocolate for dessert. Coffee.

No time, no time to myself. Although I did take my son for a long walk today. Well, I walked and he rode in his really cool car.

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