Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday March 28 and Friday March 29

Well, Thursday was a rugby night.

I had the intention of going to a rugby league training session until I learned that it would start at 6pm, in downtown Toronto. As some readers may be aware, I live about an hour away.

Wasn't going to happen.

I will find a way of making this happen.

Thursday I got to indoor training about 7:15, and went until about 9pm. Lots of rugby specifics; passing, positioning, running.

I need to remember my mouth guard, and my testicles for next time.

Friday was a recovery day. My butt hurt from the sprint and my head hurt from the collisions.

I did get a rather long walk in with my son. About an hours worth of slow cardio, while pushing him on a small plastic car. It doesn't sound like fun, but it was probably the most fun I will have this year.

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