Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday and Monday July 22

Sunday ... oh, man .... Sunday. Sunday was hard on a lot of levels. I learned htat we still have a chance to win this league.

I really want to win, but I'm not sure if we do that life will be any better if we win promotion to the league above us.

I felt really really sore and my family was annoyed as all get out with me. I looked around while driving back and I was one of the very few married players who made the trip. A lot of others chose not to. I'm wondering if I was a sucker. In any case, my burden to bear.

Sunday was also a recovery day. Lots of time watching my kids, getting them to help me in the garage and out of the house. I managed to fill my boxing bag with water, too. Lots of time spent on a mat, stretching and getting my neck, back and legs to just move. Just movement. Movement as therapy. And ice.

Monday was a little better, for one thing I wasn't as ill or sore. I did manage to get this workout done for three rounds before having to go be a dad:

30- 45 seconds punching the recently water filled punching bag
20 KB two handed swings
10 KB one handed snatches each side
15 feet up push ups
6 tire flips
15 hanging knee tucks

Yeah, a bit different being able to use the chin up bar. I pulled the bar out of the wall a bit, but not the 5 x 2's that were bolted into the wall, though. I think it's a simple fix.

Nice to get back into the gym and just train for a bit, not thinking about a lot of crap that needed to be done.

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