Monday, July 22, 2013

Thursday, Friday and Saturday July 20

Thursday was a rugby night. Lots of heat and we had to work on playing together. Still not making the First XV this weekend. Meh, kind of disappointed.

After training, I did my "usual" of three rounds of the following:
5 x 50m sprint
20 feet up push ups
20 seated knee tucks

After that, I was pretty sacked out. Went and paid for my ticket to the 40th Anniversary of the club and paying the sprint coach. I also paid for the bus up to Kincardine we're taking on Saturday.

'Cuz that drive is a three hour piece of crap I don't want to do sober.

Friday was a recovery day. Lots of stretching and getting things done around the house. Man, that Wednesday was a killer. I had people over and we lost power in the house and watched movies on the laptop. Kinda relaxing, kinda not. It was ok.

Saturday .... was a disappointment on many levels. One, we played two games away. We tied the game I was playing in ... I felt winded for a good part of the second half. It was hot, but not that hot. I should have been able to get my rear end around the pitch a bit more easily than I was. I'm thinking I'm not in the fitness level I need to be.

At least in the set piece we were devastating - we lost one scrum the whole day. That is to say every scrum we took the ball, except once. Line outs ... was the same.
So, when thinking about a game in which the pack dominates their section of the game in such a tilted manner ... what are you going to point to as the main issue? I'll give you a hint ... it ends with "acks" and rhymes with "Tacks" and starts with a "B".

However, win as a team, lose as a team. Penalties also killed us. As I said, we tied the game I played in, even though I scored a try. It was the nicest thing to happen to me that day.

Watching the first team get scored on a lot was disappointing to say the least. They did stage a sort of come back, but fell short with a knocked on ball near their ten metre line. The drive back was ... entertaining. I got home ... and was very glad it was the last away game for the regular season. My family was pissed.

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