Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Sunday and Monday April 7

Sunday was a planning and recovery day.

Another shot that may have been taken at training
Monday .... Lots happening in rugby land these days. I understand that a high school schedule has been set for the area around me. I'll have to try and start making it out to them in order to meet the coaches and the like.

Tonight's training was the last two hours on the "turf" at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre. It's not bad turf if you are playing lacrosse or ultimate on it... but tackling, playing the ball and wrestling on it ... not so much fun.

In any case, tonight was two hours of ball handling, wrestling, sprinting and learning a few rugby league tactics for this weekend's game. On the way in and on the way out, it was almost warm drizzle. Not good for trying to set up training sessions and rugby games on real fields. Of course, it was also not good for the snow banks I want disappeared, too.

Win some, lose some.

Meh, at least rugby is almost here.

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