Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday April 20

I had a nice Easter, complete with three naps all day. I'm hoping I've caught up on my sleep deprivation, at least for this month. Now, all I need is for another week or so off and I'll catch the rest up.

I took my family to my parents place for dinner. Lots of fun and a few pleasant conversations about life and things in general. Good to catch up.

After I got my son settled into his bed, got this done for four rounds, just to get a sweat going:

6-8 deep squats with 50 lbs on a bar. Paused at the bottom, too.
6-8 over head presses with the same bar
20 kb swings -20 kilo bell used
10 hanging knee tucks

I should be able to up the weight and intensity next time; for now still recovering from the flu. Stuff still coming up from my lungs and such. Need to get back to jogging, too.

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