Monday, July 28, 2014

Saturday, Sunday and Monday July 28

Saturday was awesome. We hosted like six games of rugby at my club, starting at 9:30ush and finishing after 6pm. What a day. I did play in two games, being subbed out at about the 65th minute while playing hook in the seconds XV game. We won by 30 points, so it was ok. The first XV, I subbed in at loose head, after throwing in at hook for one throw in. Since we won that lineout and mauled it for like five meters, I figure I can call myself a 100% hooker for the day .... just kidding.

I for in for about 20 minutes for the first team game. I did spend a fair amount of time in the hot tub at the side of the pitch before and after each game. I didn't drink or do anything stupid until after I was done playing for the day. I did have to run away after playing to be a dad and son. It's all good.

Sunday I was rather sore, and I took some time in my garage gym and just did mobility and stretching for about a half hour.

On Monday I was still kind of sore and did this for five rounds:
20 Bw squats
 15 bicep curls with the elastic handles
15 hanging knee tucks

after that I did three rounds of scrummaging like wall holds with a 50 lb sand bag on my back then I had to try out my rowing machine.

I did some light rowing for about five minutes. I can see why it's recommended for rugby players. Personally, it'll take some playing with the settings on the machine itself before I get what I want out of it. Still a nice sweat.

After that, I did some rolling with the medicine ball. Then I took out my middle child and bought a proper roller from XTC Fitness. Not a bad roller, man.

 Much later, did a 3k walk. More rolling. Seriously.

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