Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tuesday July 29

Tuesday was a training night, but I bought a roller today ...

so in the morning, I rolled my quads, my ITB bands and my hamstrings ... it felt good.

I got to training and did sprints, ball handling ... all of it. No contact and no lifting/scrums.

After, I got this done for three rounds:

10 large Indian club two and one handed swings - both directions
20 Kb swings
20 Kb snatches
10 medicine ball slams

then rolled my legs again.

On my way to the change room, I recalled a video I saw on facebook with a guy doing Indian club swings with a sledgehammer. I grabbed the one the rugby club has and gave it a go, first with two hands and then with one hand. I looked after I got this done and saw that it was a 16 lb hammer. I am awesome.

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