Saturday, February 4, 2017

Friday and Saturday Feb 4th

Friday was the last weird day I'm hoping to have for a while. I know it's not, but I can hope. My schedule was off and had lots of stuff to do. Tons of stuff. Acres of stuff.

I knew it was going to be iffy later on, and they let me come in later to work than normal, so I got a 25-minute session on the elliptical trainer done in the morning. Not too bad. Later on in the day, had to give up the water walking. It was a sad moment.

Saturday ... was my dad's 80th birthday. I know there are so many people who don't get to write that sentence. I was pretty happy for my dad, not so happy with the behaviour of my kids, though. Sullen and snarky. Except for the youngest. He climbed on my dad's back. Yeah, I was terrified.

I knew that I was going to have to squeeze in a workout, so I waited until the house was basically empty and got into my gym for this session:

10 rounds of:
2 minutes of striding on the elliptical
2 minutes of kettlebell lifts - usually 10 clean and press each side, then H2H swings.

I also experimented with the "American" and "Russian" two-handed swings. Basically, the difference is at what level you stop the kettlebell. In the "American" swing, your hands and the kettlebell are over your head. The Russian swing stops at basically eye level height. I found from my limited experience was the American swing got the HR up a little quicker, and that I felt silly while doing it. Normally, I don't care about feeling silly, as I am training by myself in my garage gym. Still, I felt silly.

In any case, it was a 40-minute session, and I am happy to report that my HR dropped from about 158 to 105 in less than two minutes. Makes me happy, anyways.

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