Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 29

I have to play a little catch-up. All good.

Friday was a nice easy day for me for fitness. I did the early morning stretch routine to start the day. Later on, I did a nice 40-minute session in the gym. 35 minutes on the trainer and four rounds of double kettlebell clean and presses.

Saturday I just couldn't make myself face another long boring cardio session, so I mixed it up. I started with a 15-minute session of cardio, got off the machine, grabbed the two blue kettlebells and did rounds of one-minute double kettlebell clean and presses. Went 16- 16- 16- 15- 16 and 16. After that, I got back on the elliptical and did another 10 minutes or so. The entire session was just under 40 minutes.

Sunday was a rest day. I did wake up sore from those kettlebell sessions. In addition to that, I was a lazy idiot. I kept saying "yeah, later' and "yeah, later", but later never came. A good lesson.

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