Friday, February 17, 2017

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday Feb 16

This really should be two posts. It's because I'm being lazy at the moment but I also have to start getting my stuff together and move forward.

Monday and Tuesday I wasn't moving hardly at all. I got up at 6 am to "help" with getting kids off to school in the morning. I talked to my kids one by one as they left and helped supervise the construction of their lunches. I did not do much more than just stand around and wince every once in a while. I showered, I changed my clothes, I did some reading and emailing each day. At night, I took Tylenol and slept like a baby.

Monday was ok, Tuesday was better. I also watched the Atkins Diet DVD I bought a while ago. I went through that and the diet plan I got from the Shouldice Clinic in August. Yeah, I saw why I was stopped at 250-245 ish for the last while. Too many carbs, to be frank.

Carrots at lunch, ketchup with dinner and yam fries in the evenings were probably enough to stop any ketosis from starting. I also read the handwritten notes again from the Shouldice Clinic very nice nutritionist and started to check out recipes on Reddit. I'll put the links in on the right just so that I can reference them when I'm putting together my grocery list.

Wednesday and Thursday were better still. Wednesday I got up and did a morning routine, did some emailing and reading and writing. Thursday I picked up my youngest from school and did a kilometre walk with my wife in the evening. It was about a twenty-minute walk outside. Lots of snow, but nothing on the sidewalk to threaten a slip and fall. It was nice to be outside, finally. I'm getting stronger and healthier. At bedtime, I didn't take anything as a pain medication either day. In short, I'm "progressing nicely".

My mantra is "Take the time to heal, then we kick some butt".

I've also been taking a long look at my life, too. What is it that I want to do with it, how do I want to spend the next fifteen years of my life before I get a chance to enjoy life? Is what I'm doing with my life right now the best thing for me and for my family?

I also wonder about that first idea, too. Why do I have to wait fifteen years to enjoy life?

I'm in that Elizabeth Warren Two Income Trap, nice and firmly. I'd like to seek another solution. Which is what I'm shifting my research to include. In the last few days, managed to read some fairly interesting books - Blogging for Writers, The Desire Map, This is how you get your next job, and I did a couple of webinars so far about the same sort of topics. I'm also more than a little behind in a course I'm taking on being an eLearning instructor.

But lifting things? Nope? thinking about things? Yup. Not sure the heavy ideas going through my mind would tear the patch in my stomach. Well, not as much as going and deadlifting 300 lbs would.

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