Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Sunday and Monday and Tuesday Feb 21

Still with the walking, still with the healing after surgery.

Had to turn down requests to go play rugby in March on Tuesday. It's just too soon to be signing up for preseason full contact games of rugby.

Still did the 2km walks each of these days.

Tuesday got a 1.5 k walk done in the afternoon, then a 2km walk done in the evening. Between walks, I'm listening to podcasts and watching webinars. And reading. Lots of all three. Oh, and movies, too. Stuff to educate, entertain and "edutain".

Still, would prefer to walk in the water.

Also ordered a cheap Chinese knock off of a smart watch in order to track the water walking distance and possible heart rate. We'll find out when it arrives, sometime in June ;)

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