Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Monday and Tuesday Jan 31

Monday was rushed. I had to get things done at work, and then when I got home, I had to rush to get things done there. I had to rush to get a workout done in a half hour.

I got a 25-minute session on the elliptical trainer done, then did four rounds of double kettlebell cleans and presses.

It came in at just under a half hour, then I had to rush off to be a dad. At least the day ended with a 35-minute walk in the pool with a nice long hot tub experience.

Tuesday was a killer workout. I had to make up for idiotic food choices I've made in the last few days. Did six rounds of this workout:

20 H2H kb swings - most rounds with 16-kilo bell.
20 kb cleans
20 kb cleans and presses
20 kb snatches
Imagine this guy in a hot tub. That's me!
20 step ups
20 bicep curls with 30 lb db
15 body weight squats
15 press ups

I finished about 37 minutes, so I did two rounds of 45 seconds of double kettlebell cleans and presses, for a change.

Then, again, had to rush off to be a dad. Finally, though, I did also get a nice long walk in the pool/hot tub to help with mobility and recovery. I am finding that doing cossack stretches in the hot tub is pretty cool these days. Just gotta go sloooooow.

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