Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Friday and Saturday June 10

Friday was another crazy day. I did get a stretching session in and slept in the basement to avoid sweating all night long.

Saturday was a rugby game day at home. So ... I got half a game in so as to help my fellow players who can't make it to away games can get some time on the pitch.

Meh, we tied. Whatever.

I won my lineouts and my scrums. I tackled and made a few runs. I did take a chewing out when I stepped in front of the 9 at the back of a ruck and passed the ball to the 10. Yeah, I'll be hearing about that for a while. Deservedly so.

Meh, I felt ok afterwards and was asked to be a sub for the second team. I get to watch some pretty rugby being played - always a good time.

Not from this game, but a reenactment.

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