Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tuesday June 20

Today was a rugby day.

I got a morning stretch in, sort of. It was a little rushed, but at least I got some stretching in.

Later on, I thought I had my son heading to bed on a calming note. He was a bit upset, but looking as though he was calming and going to rest.

I left for training and got a fair workout done - lots of sprints and ball handling. Not a lot of tackles, but we are about to start a two-week break, and who needs that? In any case, it rained and I did some throws at the end of training.

I got a chance to think, but I shouldn't have taken that time.

I got back to the change room to four or five messages. "Come home." they all said.

I got changed and out of there. I called on the way home.

The youngest was not in bed. He had amped himself up. He was not being the child I needed him to be.

I got him to bed and asleep shortly after I got home, probably more to with the sun actually setting than anything I might have done. It has left me with a feeling of helplessness and wishing the next few years away. Can his behaviour end with time?

Only time will tell.

But it also seems that my on-field rugby career is coming to an abrupt end. I'm not sure when I might be able to train or paly in the foreseeable future. I mean, my wife is my wife. She needs me more than my rugby club does.

I do have to find the time / make the time to train on my own, though. I just have to do that.

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