Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wednesday to Saturday June 3

Wednesday I was able to get up early and get some stretching done before a stupidly long day. I did end up getting a decently long walk in just at the end of the day

Thursday was a rugby training night. I did spend a lot of time learning a new system of offence and trying to learn a new set of calls for line outs. Also, did some scrums.

Still did not get the workout in that I'm needing. Did some throws after the session and then went on to do some fitness and mobility after that. Felt really sore and ... forgot my footwear to wear home. Not a great session and then having to drive home barefoot was a bit of a drag.

Friday I got a morning stretch and roll in, but no session later on.

Saturday ... was a rugby day. I had to stay close to home and selected to play for Burlington's third team. We got squished. At least I got my line out throws done properly - won all of our line-outs that I threw in. Can't say they were awesome pieces pf precision, but we won them. The game was hopeless as we were a bunch of old men playing younger fitter kids. Also, understaffed.

In any case, I know what I need to do, and it all revolves around getting back into daily training and using my time at rugby to my best advantage.

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